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Pet-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Pet-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

While keeping pets, don’t forget to spare a place for your little friends in your living space! Although the ergonomic conditions of the people are generally based on home decoration, if you are keeping a pet, you should complete your decoration by considering their needs. You can decorate your home, which is a living space as much as you, following your pet’s needs as well as your own comfort. For this, you can make your pet happier by using a few decoration suggestions; you can also make your home more organized.

If you are asking; How can I make my home pet friendly? What does a pet-friendly home mean? You are in the right address. You can decorate your home according to your pet friends’ needs.

Let’s start.

Observe Your Pet’s Behavior

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Whatever pet you care for; If you want to reserve a unique place in your home, you must first carefully observe your pet’s habits and behaviors. For example, is your dog looking for empty spaces to run around the house all day? Or, on the contrary, is he trying to find a dark resting place by hiding under curtains in the secluded corners of the house? Or is your cat constantly scratching the seats? Or do you suspect that your fish are bored in a glass bell jar? After observing such situations, you can reach the solution more shortly.

You may want to get rid of unnecessary items in your home or give your living room’s center table to someone who needs it to make spaces for your dog to play freely. If you want a dark and comfortable space where your loyal friend can rest, you can use soft blankets to create a dedicated comfortable corner in a specific part of your home. For this, you can go to the carpenter and make a house shed or use your creativity; the choice is yours! However, when you use the old nightstands and dressers in your home for this purpose, you can get great results.

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When you remove the covers and drawers at the bottom, it is very easy to equip the space created with cushions and dog accessories to prepare a special kennel for your dog!

For your cats who love scratching, you can install a scratching board in areas that can be easily reached inside the house. For example, you can fix food bowls on a piece of furniture that is within reach. If you have fish and are having trouble living in a glass bowl, maybe it’s time to buy a large aquarium.

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Attention! If You Have a Pet in Your Home

Here are the things that you should pay attention if you have pets;

Pets such as cats and dogs always want to move around the house. For this reason, they deal with flooring the most. For this reason, you should not even think of using carpet flex on the floors of your home. Easy-to-clean hard surfaces are more suitable for you. However, not to use a carpet anywhere in the house. If the carpets you use are machine-washable, you will not have any problems with cleaning. Otherwise, you may need to send your carpets for washing frequently. Similar situations are also valid for sofa and chair fabrics.

Your little friends who want to have a pleasant time with you can cause mess and dirt in different parts of your home. Also, if you have a cat, be careful to stay away from linen and woolen fabrics. These types of fabrics are fabrics that cats can easily tear by wearing their paws. Fabric types such as canvas and denim will be better choices for cat keepers. Regardless, you’d better have a good vacuum cleaner close at hand. With a qualified vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, you can remove all messes in one go without having to sweep the same place over and over.

Color Tones Affecting the Psychology of Animals

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The effect of colors used in interior design on human psychology is undeniable. But did you know that this also applies to animals? Yes, you heard it right. The color tones you prefer in decoration also affect the psychology of your pets. For example, the appetite-stimulating and anger-inducing effect of the color red appears on animals as well as in humans. This can cause some animals to become aggressive out of nowhere.

Male pets seem to be more calm, docile, and happy in environments decorated in shades of gray and blue.

Apart from this, cream, yellow, and orange tones are enjoyed by both male and female pets. Interiors, where these colors are combined with black, are ideal for your pets!

If you have a separate room for them in your home, you can also try to create an original concept in this room. You can choose bone-patterned wallpapers for your dogs, fish-patterned wallpapers for your cats, or accessories suitable for this idea.

In addition to a soft bed you have prepared for your pet in your pet’s room, you can also include frames with photos taken together. You can store leash, comb, shampoo, and similar special tools and equipment on decorative wall shelves. For pets who like to look outside, it can create comfortable corners in front of windows.

As you can see if you have pets in your home you need to careful in home decoration. Follow our advice and create the best spaces for your pets in your home.

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