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Beauty That Comes from Extreme; Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Beauty That Comes from Extreme; Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Home decoration is very hard, but also very enjoyable. There are many home decoration styles or ideas, or new trends. And they change constantly. A special type of sofa set can be very common today, but for tomorrow, no one can promise. Especially, modern city life has great impacts on home decoration. Today, we want to talk about two opposite trends; minimalism and maximalism. These two trends are standing at the opposite end of their lines. One has excessively everything, and the other nearly has nothing. That is why we call it the beauty that comes from extremeness.

Minimalism vs. Maximalism

This will be a small kind of comparison. Minimalism represents clean, plain, and cool; but maximalism is brave and hot. While minimalism is efficient and gentle, maximalism is exaggerated and flamboyant. Interior designing styles are inclined to one side and none of the styles is better than the other in the end. Everything is up to the designer and the homeowner. A minimalist personality may see the other as a waste of time, while a maximalist see the other as boring. So today, we would like to show you the differences between them. The rest is up to you to decide which one you are.

In order to differentiate minimalism and maximalism from each other, we will talk about 8 different points. Knowing the details may help you to choose the best one that is proper for you.

Differences between Minimalism and Maximalism on Home Decoration

We will see them step by step,



Colors greatly differentiate between minimalism and maximalism. In maximalism, the design is full of bright and brave colors. The place looks like a wild compilation of all the colors in the palette. On the contrary, minimalism contains only neutral and earth colors in the design. A minimalist room would have only two or three colors.



The structural design will show so many things about minimalism and maximalism. Maximalist designs will use so many obliques, patterns, and complicated details. So many lines will get together like a carnival. But, minimalist design will depend on so many little and neat lines. The difference between them can be described as the contrast between neat and complication.


The Walls

A maximalist design will leave no space on the walls. They will be full of paintings, pictures, artworks, and other wall accessory details. There may be also some bright and different patterned wallpapers. But minimalist walls will just be plain. There will be only neutral colors and emptiness on the walls.



A maximalist design, as you may guess, will be full of very different types of furniture. A maximalist room is full. But of course, there is a kind of harmony between them. Massive, curled, and bright furnishing is very important for the maximalist design. But minimalist design has fewer furniture and accents. Every part has a specific purpose, and all the accessories are designed efficiently. They generally have fancy and neutral colors.



Floors are one of the parts of the house other than the ceiling and walls where the maximalist design will show its effect. They are like a canvas for maximalists. There are generally colored tiles, two or more colored rags, or marble designs on the floor design. But minimalist design homes are generally plain or neutral. There may be cement or neutral colors of tiles or hardwood.



As you may guess easily, maximalist ceilings look like floor and wall designs. There will be different and darker color choices like black or other dark colors. Chandeliers or lighting are also fancily exaggerated. But the minimalist ceilings are generally plain other than lighting.



A maximalist house is full of patterns and prints. They will all be colorful and brave. On the contrary, minimalist designs will only have one or two shades of neutral colors on plain and simple patterns.

empty spaces

Empty Spaces

For a maximalist design, every single space is an opportunity to place some accents, accessories, or decorative stuff. This way, the designers complete the decoration of maximalism. But minimalism design intentionally leave places to spaces. To achieve this, unwanted or unimportant furniture or accents are taken out of the room.

These are eight opposite sides of maximalism and minimalism. Other than designing, you will need different furniture and accents for applying the design you desire. Just decide which one you are; a minimalist or maximalist? Then let us, Wayne’s Home Company, help you with choosing your stuff.

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