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Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps

The living room, which is one of the most important living areas of the house, is the door of our house to the guests. To be able to decorate this door that we opened to the guests, “How to make a living room decoration?” I decided to write a subject.

Change almost anything in your living room in 15 steps. Find out how you can turn your lounge area into a place where you can feel fit and safe and have pleasant conversations with your personality.

  1. Enter the center of the living room!

Creating a center consisting of a sofa, sitting group, carpet, and the coffee table has a very inviting effect. If you have enough space for these items, you can position the L-shaped corner set from the wall to the center of the room. I want to give you another tip.

The seats that you will place opposite each other are a very good choice for one to one communication and chats. If you have a fireplace in your living room, it will be much more impressive to position your belongings around the fireplace.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (12)

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  1. Don’t be afraid of the changes!

Always be open to changes such as color, pattern, form, or style for living room decoration. Because small touches can make big changes, you can create different combinations.

For example, you can combine an antique side table or center table with a different style sofa set.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (14)

  1. Use puff seat and cushion for decoration.

Poufs and cushions are an alternative to seats and chairs. You can combine poufs designed in different sizes and figures with your sofa set. Puffs with oriental patterns and gold embroidery can add an air of Turkish style for living room decoration.

You can provide modern lines for living room decoration with single-colored cushions. Make sure to evaluate the low middle coffee table and do not forget to decorate with candles.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (1)

  1. Take advantage of lighting units!

It is very important to use the right lighting for living room decoration. To create an atmosphere where you can be comfortable, I think that there should be more than one option in the lighting of your living room.

For example, the unit that illuminates your dining table in the living room, and the lighting to be used while chatting on the sofa set must be different.

You can use the sconce to support your soft lighting. You can support the tables or objects in your living room with accent lighting and highlight your accessories.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (15)

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  1. Highlight the wall you want to highlight.

There is a wall in your living room that you want to emphasize. Paint in a different color that will create a contrast to suit living room decoration work.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (10)

  1. Choose the right carpet.

A carpet laid in front of the seating group in the living room creates miracles. A carpet compatible with the color of the furniture can really add strength to your living room and create a much more decorative environment.

My suggestion to the followers is that you have another spare rug because you can keep your decoration energy in the living room with the changes you will make from time to time.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (13)

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  1. The colors used are very important!

It is possible to change your wall colors seasonally. Decide on the right color component by also considering the colors of your accessory and sitting group.

The colors of the summer months can add an inviting atmosphere to your green, light yellow, and blue living room. Or cream and coffee tones in winter can create a comfortable classic atmosphere.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (11)

  1. Make the right decoration with the right accessories.

For living room decoration, you should use small but essential accessories. Exaggerating when I say reflect your own style can damage the decoration of the hall. You can reveal the character of your room with the accessories you choose with care.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (9)

  1. Divide the living room into two parts!

You can divide your living room for two functions. For example, it is useful to think separately about the sitting area, where you will have a pleasant conversation with your guests and the dining room area where you will eat with your guests.

In this way, you will be more comfortable to work separately from the lighting I mentioned earlier to other decoration moves.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (8)

  1. Contrasts draw attention to decoration!

One of the rules that should not be forgotten in decoration is the attractiveness of contrasts that will create contrast. Contrasting to be created with remarkable colors will create a different atmosphere for living room decoration.

For example, a dark-colored seating group, attractive colored accessories that will attract attention to carpets or curtains will attract attention.

When you need to play with colors from time to time, you can revive your living room decoration by changing simple accessories such as pillows and coffee tables.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (7)

  1. Feature your favorite items.

Feel free to highlight your favorite item for living room decoration. For example, it is possible to highlight what I mentioned with an antique armchair or chair in your home.

Of course, provided that the product is positioned in front of a wall painted with remarkable color or pattern, using accent lighting.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (5)

  1. Play with the patterns!

You must combine the patterns you use in living room decoration correctly. While the pillows consisting of striped patterns fit a classic sofa set; Patterned pillows with polka dots or different radical patterns can look much different.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (6)

  1. Reading is very important.

There may be those who want to make a reading space in living room decoration.

However, your reading chair should be compatible with your sitting group. Position your reading chair alone in the emptiest corner of your living room so that it can look much more impressive and efficient.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (3)

  1. Room architecture must be used.

You should use the architecture of your room in living room decoration. For example, you can use accessories for the cavities left in the wall in the room.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (2)

  1. No decoration without wall art!

Living room decoration wall art is unthinkable. Many works can be used from oil paintings to postcards, black and white photographs to the works of your children. You can devote a wall of your living room to these works.

Living Room Decoration in 15 Steps (4)

You can improve the living room decoration we completed in 15 steps by using the suggestions I mentioned. In this article, “How to make a living room decoration? We answered the question in detail.

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