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Kids Room Decoration Ideas for Families with Two Children

Kids Room Decoration Ideas for Families with Two Children

You have two children, but only one children’s room? It is necessary to produce smart solutions in houses where each child cannot have a separate room. Designing a pleasant and useful room that can meet the needs of both children at the same time and connect with their interests, does not seem difficult to you! By taking advantage of these tips, you can make even a tiny room functional and nice-looking for your two children. Here are the steps you need to follow…

Creative twin kids room decoration ideas

  1. Save Space with Functional Furniture.

In order to minimize the loss of space in the children’s room, you need to minimize the space occupied by basic furniture in the first place. For example; beds. If your children agree, you can meet the need for two beds in a single bed area using bunk beds. While standard bunk beds are designed as two beds in a row, there are alternative designs that you can prefer.

You can create areas that your children can use both for sleeping and playing games in bunk beds consisting of large beds. If the space is very small, it will be an advantageous choice for you to prefer functional bunk beds where the upper bed remains stationary and the lower bed turns into a work table. If the idea of ​​bunk beds is not liked by your children or if you are anxious that there is a ladder in the children’s room, you can get a single bed that can get an extra bed under it.

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  1. Make More Space For Games And Activities.

If you have reduced the space required for basic needs, the remaining space for games and activities has increased. Then start by determining your children’s interests first.

Take a pencil and paper and create a cluster of interests for both of your children. In the region where these two clusters intersect, you can include the common tastes and common activities of the two children. With these clusters, you can determine the objects that you want to be in the space.

For example; You can place a small pot for a child who loves basketball and the necessary instruments for another child who is interested in music in this room. However, do not be mistaken to think that children’s interests and tastes are limited only to such activities. Children need objects and surfaces where they can freely reflect their rich imagination. For this, give them suitable blanks. You can create a separate drawing area for your two children on one of the empty walls in this room. Thus, your children, who have the chance to express themselves freely, also learn that they must respect each other’s rights and not violate others’ borders.

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  1. Create Common Activity Areas.

Remember that your children need spaces where they can spend time together. It is very important to give your children the ability to socialize in these days when individualization reaches the level of disease and technology takes almost every individual captive. Those who have a brother are very lucky in this respect. Being in constant dialogue with someone close to their age and playing games together makes a great contribution to the development of both children.

You don’t need complex game platforms or expensive playgrounds for this. Sometimes even a colorful play mat that you will lay on the floor can be enough to determine the area where your children will spend time together. By declaring this colorful mat as a “collective event area”, you can also participate in your children’s games. Your kids love this idea…

On the other hand, you can buy many games, even with empty yogurt cups or finished toilet paper rolls, by purchasing them from the ball pool sold on the internet. A game platform that you will prepare with your children using these materials is much more valuable than the platforms that you buy ready. The interactions you make during the production phase and your kids producing something with you means that you can start doing family activities before you even start the game. This is extremely enjoyable for both children and parents.

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  1. Separate Workspaces.

Separating your children’s work areas is important to prevent distractions. Unlike adults, children who are always mobile and dynamic can be distracted much more quickly. In order to prevent them from interacting with each other when they need to work in the same room, it is useful to arrange the work areas of children so that they cannot see each other.

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  1. Be Inspired by Children’s Imagination.

When designing a children’s room, do not stick to the obsession with the simplicity of adults in their living spaces. The world of children is colorful and they want their living spaces arranged accordingly.

For example; You can offer your child who wants to buy a giraffe wardrobe, take his wardrobe in wood or green tones, and decorate the walls with safari-themed stickers.

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