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How to Decorate Long Living Rooms?

How to Decorate Long Living Rooms?

You have a long room in your house which you are going to use as a living room and undecided about how to decorate it. If you need some tips and recommendations on how to maximize the amount of space you are using and position your furniture properly, here is some advice on how to decorate long living rooms.

The key to decorating any room begins with simplicity. Lots of items and furniture will always complicate things. If you are moving to a new house, and you already have some stuff with you, that makes the decorating harder. Because the new home will not be at the same size as the old one. The stuff you already have was bought and decorated according to that house and may not fit the new one. Adding a few items in order to design your new living room will be harder than designing an empty one. So think about selling or donating your furniture before moving to a new one.

We have summed up how to decorate long living rooms as below;

  • Create an Easy Flowing Walking Aisle
  • Avoid Tunnel Vision
  • Create Separate Areas
  • Circular Furniture Softens The Room
  • Do Not Forget the Walls

Create an Easy Flowing Walking Aisle

When decorating a long living room, one side of the room should be empty for passing by. This is the most challenging problem in the narrow places because when you position your furniture, sometimes there is no place left to pass. Buying furniture rather than using the existing one according to the room is important at this moment. If you do not have a proper walking aisle so you will feel uncomfortable every time you pass and it will give you the sense that the room is too crowded and complicated.

Avoid tunnel vision

Avoid Tunnel Vision

If you put all of the furniture backing up to the wall you will have a tunnel vision in your room. It also emphasizes the length of the room. You should pull furniture away from the walls even a few inches away.

Create separate areas

Create Separate Areas

Divide the room into two or more areas with your furniture in order to break the monotony. You can use these areas for a conversation with friends, one area with tv, one with a dining table, one for reading books. L shaped sofa can be handy in creating a separate area in your room. YOu can also place the furniture in a U shape arrangement.

circular coffee table

Circular Furniture Softens The Room

Most of the furniture has straight lines and rectangular shapes. Round furniture such as side tables, coffee tables, ottomans, and middle tables breaks up the straight lines in long narrow rooms. The same applies to wall hangings such as mirrors or pictures and illumination equipment such as lampshades and chandeliers.

Do Not Forget The Walls

You can use the walls for many purposes in your living room. Sometimes a whole side of the room can be used as a library. In the case of long living rooms, it should be the short wall across the door. Bookshelf or lightings such as sconces are good ideas to get the most out of your walls. Art pictures or family pictures should have a place on the walls too.

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