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How to Choose Decorative Mirror for any Room?

How to Choose Decorative Mirror for any Room? | Mirror Buying Guide

The mirror is a very important detail for decoration. You have finished decorating your house and finally, want to choose a mirror? Then you are in the right place. As Waynes Home, we have prepared a guide to purchasing modern mirror models for you. In today’s article, you will find the answer to the question of what should be considered when buying a mirror. If you are looking for a mirror for the living room, a mirror for the bedroom, a mirror for the bathroom, you are in the right place. Because, as Waynes Home, we offer you the best quality home, mirror models.

If you are asking Where is the best place to put a mirror in the living room? How big of a mirror do I need? How big should a mirror be over a couch? How tall should my mirror be? You can find the best answers here.

Then welcome to the mirror buying guide!

Let’s start.

When choosing a mirror, it will be more accurate to choose a mirror model especially according to the condition of the house and the place. (room, living room, bedroom, etc.) If the furniture of your house is gilded and carved, it will be more appropriate to install a decorative gilded mirror.  It is also possible to say this about color.

  • If the furniture set in your home is gold, it would be reasonable to choose a mirror in this color or a mirror in the frame colors close to this color.
  • The mirror should be preferred by considering the wall paint of the house and the wallpaper.
  • Sometimes, even small details such as carpets and items are elements to be considered.
  • The smallest detail should be kept in mind and the frame model of the mirror should be selected accordingly.
  • We recommend that you consider them as a recommendation.

What to Consider While Producing Mirror Models?

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While producing mirror models, new trend furniture sets, home decoration objects, materials used in interior decoration, matte, powder, and bright conditions of colors are taken into consideration. Vintage style decorative products, which is the new trend of recent times, is the different approach we consider in our mirror production.

With a similar approach, you should like the mirror model according to a decorative, vintage, avant-garde, authentic, country, classic home environment, and make the color selection accordingly.

Where is the best place to put a mirror in the living room?

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The living room, which is the largest room in the house, generally cannot provide sufficient light. With a mirror to be hung on the wall opposite the window, you can double the light in the room. You can cover your center table or side table complete with a mirror so that you can provide small sparkles. You can create light games with mirrored appliques on the walls.

Another issue about mirror preference is the mistakes made about mirrors that are mounted or hung in the living room, room, bathroom, sink, WC. Dining table, dresser, console, backseat mirrors should be preferred in the same proportion as the size of these items.

  • If the dining table is for 6 people, a mirror with a width of at least 150 cm is recommended.
  • It should not be overlooked in the food console. If the console is 2 meters or more, a mirror of at least 180 cm should be preferred.
  • Again, similar colors and frames should be preferred.

When it comes to mirror preference, the frame preference suitable for the color of the mirror can sometimes be made wrong. Firstly, if the mirror color is bronze color, it will be correct to choose a dark MDF frame. If a transparent color mirror is preferred, white color lacquered paint or matt white color plain, decorative, MDF, wood, leafy frame can be preferred.

Many mistakes are made in bathrooms, especially in terms of mirror preference. Since the bathrooms have high humidity, it may not be right to choose mirrors with MDF, wood, chipboard, and frames. But if the bathroom is large, it can be thought that humidity doesn’t matter.

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Attention should be paid to where the mirror will be placed in the bedroom. Full-length mirrors or multiple frameless mirrors provide a rich look. If there is not enough space for a suitable wall to be hung on the mirror or a mirror with legs, you can cover the doors of the wardrobes with mirrors.

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Dressing rooms are very small and depressing spaces. However, it is up to you to make even such areas larger by using a mirror. You can use reflective glasses with semi-reflective surfaces on the covers that separate your dressing room and bedroom.

In addition to being fun and decorative when choosing mirrors for children’s rooms, you should prefer models with plastic frames and no sharp corners. When hanging the mirror, you should adjust the height of your child according to his height.

Another issue is the price. Sometimes the mirror you buy cheaply can be a quality mirror, and the mirror you buy expensive can be a poor quality mirror. At this point, you should consider the quality and take the price to the second place in order not to make a mistake about the price. You should not forget that you will use a mirror for many years.

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As you can see, getting a mirror is actually simple, but it is useful to know a few details. If you have determined what you need to pay attention to when choosing mirrors, come on to buy mirrors together.

Pleasant shopping!

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