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How to buy Chandeliers?

How to buy Chandeliers? | Chandeliers Buying Guide

Since the bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, lighting tools have gained special importance for humans. The light bulb appeared in time with various chandelier models adapted to today. The chandeliers, over time, have become an element of decor as well as your need.

Chandelier; It is a decorative lighting tool that is hung from the ceiling, produced as a candlestick or bulb, and that enriches the space you are in and enlightens.

Chandelier choices are very important. When this is the case, the factors that you should pay attention to in choosing the chandelier become very important. These elements are; chandelier size, chandelier type, and chandelier security can be listed.

The chandeliers are like pieces of jewelry that reflect the style of your home. If you take a closer look, you will find that chandeliers are one of the easiest ways to transform the overall style of your home. This article will help you to choose the chandeliers required for your home. Knowing what you need in lighting is key to long-term happiness. Your chandelier is the general light source of your room.

As Waynes Home, we prepared a chandelier buying guide for you today.

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Now we can start to answer your questions.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Chandelier

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Here’s what you need to know before choosing a chandelier;

  • Objective

What should be the required amount of light according to the needs of the place to be used? Different light values ​​are needed in different places such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom.

  • Dimensions

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What should be the size of your chandelier according to the room sizes to be used? When choosing a chandelier, you need to consider the size of the room. For example; By buying a large chandelier in a small room, you can make the room look even smaller. You cannot catch the visual you want.

  • Color

What colors will be compatible with your belongings in the room? When choosing a chandelier, most people care more about the living room than the rooms in their home. Stylish, bright, large stone chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are generally preferred. But instead of large stone chandeliers, you can choose energy-saving led chandeliers. So you save money.

  • Weight

What should be the weight of the chandelier you buy? If there is any accessory or embroidery on the chandelier, it must be fixed securely. If the fastening process is unstable, it may fall off or displace in the slightest shake or by the temperature of the bulb.

  1. Choice of Chandelier for Hallway and Doorway Lighting

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The first place you encounter when you enter your home is the corridor and the vestibule. Home doorways often stay in the dark. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier for the corridor, you should pay attention to the lighting ratio. Do not narrow the corridor by choosing very long chandeliers.

  1. Choosing a Chandelier for the Living Room

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The living room is one of the most time spent in the family. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier for the living room, make sure that it is energy efficient. Otherwise, don’t be shocked by the incoming electricity bills. For the living room chandelier, I can recommend you the yellow lighting color, that is, daylight. Although white light is pleasing to the eyes, it can cause your eyes to get tired very quickly.

  1. Choosing a Chandelier for the Bathroom

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  1. Choosing a Chandelier for Kids Room

In the choice of chandelier for the children’s room, you should choose daylight lighting shades. In this way, your child’s eyes do not tire. Apart from that, if your child has a cartoon hero he loves, don’t neglect that too.

  1. Choosing a Chandelier for the Kitchen

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Especially the place where women spend the most time at home is the kitchen. However, lighting in the kitchen is also very important. Therefore, brighter chandelier models can be preferred. Also, when choosing a chandelier model for the kitchen, you can be careful not to have a very complicated design.

6. Chandelier Ideas For Bedroom

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Dim lights should be preferred when choosing a chandelier for the bedroom. Because it makes you rest. However, if there is a mirror in the bedroom, chandeliers, or lighting fixtures with good light power can also be placed additionally. If you like reading books in bed, don’t forget to buy a lampshade.


Choosing a chandelier is very important when decorating for your home. So do not hesitate to research both design, quality, and price. And by examining our Waynes Home’s website, you can see stylish and modern chandelier models. You can find many more ideas about the decoration of your home on our website.

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