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How to Choose the Best Sectional Sofa For Your Living Room

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Designing your living room can be kind of a challenge. Because there are so many designs, selections, types, and styles of furniture to choose from for a family room, the decisions can be overwhelming. Sofa sectionals are great for creating a comfortable sitting space, and are available in a variety or set-ups to accommodate any living area.

So, what is a sectional sofa? A sectional sofa contains two or more different pieces that are placed together to create a cohesive couch. It’s possible to place these independent sections in different layouts to create various shapes. Sectional sofas are advantageous because once you select the style of sofa that works for your space, you can then change the layout if you want to rearrange the room or you move.

How do you choose the proper sectional sofa for your living room or family room? At Wayne’s Home, the best furniture company in Norfolk, Virginia, we provide comfortable and useful options about living room sets with a large showroom full of cozy ideas.

Choosing the Best Sectional Sofa

Choosing the Best Sectional Sofa

Choosing a sectional sofa can be difficult because there are so many choices! Let us help you narrow it down to find the one that works best for you. The first and the most important step of selecting the right sectional sofa is measurements of the space you’re working with. You must take measurements into consideration, otherwise your sectional may not fit or it may fit, but not leave any functional space leftover in the room.

Sectional Options Include:

  • Sectional Shapes
  • Styles
  • Sectional Design

Other things to consider include material, back and arm styles, and seating types.

Sectional Shapes

Most sectionals are modular, allowing you to create different shapes. Generally speaking, there are three common shapes — L-shaped, U-shaped, and curved. You may use the modular sectionals together or separate them into individual pieces to create a variety of shapes within your living space.

U-Shaped Sectionals

U-Shaped Sectionals

U-shaped sectionals are generally only used in larger rooms. U-shaped sectionals are especially practical for accommodating larger groups of people. Creating a U-shaped sitting area requires space and several sectional pieces. You can use the U-shape to define the living room in an open floor plan, or accommodate large, closed-in living spaces. 

Semi-circular Shaped Sectionals

Semi-Circular Shaped Sectionals

A semi-circular or curved sectional sofa is great to get guests seated all together. In a semi-circular layout, no one is seated at corners, allowing everyone to interact with each other better. One downside of semi-circular couches is that it narrows the space in the middle, leaving little room for a table and limits the ability to have reclining seats.




L-Shaped Sectionals

L-shaped sectional sofas are by far the most popular and common type of sectional shape. Pieces are typically places to follow the shape of living room walls and provide the optimal set-up for family lounging and television viewing. 

L-Shaped Sectionals

Sectional Styles

There are very different sectional styles to fit your unique tastes. Whether you prefer traditional, casual, contemporary, or transitional, there are hundreds of sectionals to choose from!

Traditional Style

Traditional Style

The traditional style is formal furniture reminiscent of the Victorian era, leading up to the modernist movement. Traditional style sectionals tend to be more elaborate with hand-carved wood legs, narrower seats, and curved backs.




Contamporary or Modern Style

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style sectionals feature softer and more rounded lines with simple structure and shape. Combining subtle sophistication and deliberate use of texture, contemporary sectionals are sleek and fresh.


Transitional Style

Transitional style is a union between traditional and contemporary furniture features. By softening traditional styles and applying more traditional applications to contemporary pieces, transitional sectionals offer a timeless look.

Transitional Style

Sectional Design and Features

There are so many options to choose from to make your sectional sofa set up more comfortable. 

stationary sectional

Stationary Sectional Design

Stationary sectional designs are the most common design of sectional sofas. Stationary design sectionals have a solid shape that generally you can’t change. They offer comfort and durability that other sectional designs can’t. 




Reclining Sectional

Reclining Sectional Design

Reclining sectionals are ideal for entertainment rooms or viewing televisions. As the name surely implies, reclining sectionals are those that feature reclining chairs for the sectional seats. An important consideration for reclining sectionals is that they require more space than other sectionals for the footrest to rise.


Modular Sectional Design

Modular Sectional Design

Modular sectional designs feature three to five individual parts, and allow you to design the layout any way you like. Are you bored with the shape? No problem, because you can easily change the layout and you may even use the parts individually.

Sleeper Sectional Design

Sleeper Sectional Design

Sleeper sectional sofas feature built-in pull-out hideaway beds inside the main couch section. While these sectionals tend to be heavier than others, they offer the convenience of a guest bed.



Of course, there are many other features and types of sectional sofas. At Wayne’s Home, we carry nearly all types and designs of sectional sofas you can imagine. To find your perfect sectional set, visit us online or simply stop by our Norfolk furniture store.

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